2015 Honda Pilot photos

Honda Pilot 2015

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles in the world. Honda cars have established a very customer base.The company makes various models and different versions of the same models in various categories including luxury variations. New versions of one or two popular models are brought out every year. The Pilot is a crossover SUV and 2013 Honda Pilot is just out. Reviews and assessments about the 2013 Honda Pilot are coming out. In the meanwhile the company has been planning ahead to bring out 2014 and 2015 Honda. While these versions are still in the planning stage Honda fans are eager to see at least 2015 Honda Pilot photos.


Even though it cannot be confirmed through Honda pilot photos, you can be certain that the car will come completely redesigned and will have a new look that is entirely different from 2013 Honda Pilot. It will not be like the 2014 version which is expected to come only with minor changes and a few additions. It is expected that with these alterations the 2014 Honda Pilot will become the market leader for crossover SUV cars.On the other hand the 2015 Honda Pilot is expected to come completely restyled and that makes Honda customers more and more eager to see it.

2015 Honda Pilot photos

2015 Honda Pilot

It has been the company’s policy to bring out the new version of the Honda Pilot after the launch of Acura MDX models. Therefore it is expected that 2015 Honda Pilot will also be brought out after the launch of the Acura MDX. It is possible that 2015 honda pilot photos will look similar to the 2014 Acura MDX models. The Pilot model itself brought out in 2013 has several versions called EX, EX-L, EXLX, and Touring. The basic design of all these versions remains the same with changes in the size of wheels, type of seats etc.

2015 Honda Pilot interior

The 2013 Honda Pilot is sold as a mid-size crossover. It is best known for its utility value even though the box like appearance may not be very appealing to many people. The salient point in the 2013 Pilot is the high roof making it suitable for tall people. The vehicle can accommodate 8 people comfortably in 3 rows of seats. There is plenty of storage space in the rear which can hold more than 85cubic feet of luggage. The interior is quite spacious. The 2015 honda pilot photos may be able to confirm this feature for that model also.

2015 Honda Pilot spy

The 2015 Pilot will have not only the exterior and interior of the car redesigned, even engine, transmission will be completely new. Whereas, the 2013 Pilot has a 3.5liter 250HP, the 2015 Honda will have a 310 HP engine suitable for front wheel drive also. It has a 6 speed automatic transmission suitable for the all-wheel drive models. The styling of the car will be totally different to give it a more modern look, which could be seen through this Pilot Honda photos. The box type look of the 2013 model will totally disappear.

new 2015 Honda Pilot

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