Honda CR-V 2014 review

2014 Honda CR-V

The fourth-generation Honda CR-V 2014 is undoubtedly acknowledged successor of previous models. The engines are old however the 4×4 system is new, and spacious cabin with quality products. In addition, prices continued to be virtually unchanged.

At a time when almost every automobile maker offers a light car, or SUV, and shocks are rare in design and construction.

Honda has actually handled to stay constant recognizable design of the Honda CR-V 2014and make a vehicle that is different from all the others.

Honda CR-V 2014 testimonial

One of the highlights is the truth that the price remained virtually the same over the previous, third generation, so that the most recent CR- V can currently get for 22,500 euros consisting of VAT.

It is a model with a drive to the front wheels, two-liter fuel engine which has gotten an added 5 horse power.

Honda CR-V 2014 interior

Typically, Honda offers a rich basic equipment bundle, which, among other things, includes ESP, help with hill owner, pressure sensors in the tires, six airbags, stop / start system, a multi-function display, alloy wheels, automatic” environment” with two zones, cruise control, four electric window, and sound system with USB and AUX ports, and controls on the steering wheel.

In shorts, will seriously interest even customers who are planning to purchase a SUV in the class below, such as for instance the Nissan Qashqai, which is the equivalent of all motor less costly thousand euros.

The car we tested a demo copy that serves to reveal to customers. Because of that, equipped with the third in a row, Lifestyle trim level, which does not have a panoramic glass roofing system, power drivers seat and leather bonnet, so as to be called the richest.

CRV dashboard 2014

Even this time not looking deep left out Honda in the parking lot. Usually does not take place very often that people come up to us and inquiring about the new models we’re checking, however CR -V has actually absolutely caught the attention of many individuals.

They state that the majority of drawn in design, high innovation, and a large cabin with quality products. Consumers it is extremely hard to cheat and this Honda is its basic solidity apart from the competitors.

The cabin is truly more spacious than before. This is specifically obvious in the rear seats where passengers have plenty of room for your knees, offered the width of three adults will not be tight.

Missing one function by which the previous Honda CR-V 2014 was the signature is. It is a center console that was cut in the knee so that you are quickly able to move the seat next without skipping.

Honda CR-V 2014

Neither of these classic and new at the same time a choice has actually not been lowered high comfort motorist – knee does not touch the center console where, for each case, set and upholstery pads on each side.

The dashboard has actually received details of which can be found on the new generation Civic, such as switches and buttons.

The basic impression is that the finish on a high level, practically like in the premium segment.

Designers tried to no kitsch detail and glossy surfaces, so controls matte black plastic of high quality, of which the greater part is soft to the touch. The scenario is similar in upholstery door.

When you take into consideration the excellent quality of finish in the sense that absolutely nothing gets stuck which each switch is enjoyable to utilize and precise, it appears that the CR -V is the premium section.

We should praise a number of storage compartments, along with practical storage under the armrest in the presence of USB and AUX ports with 12V socket.

The boot volume of 589 liters is a large, regular shape and is very practical. There are hooks for hanging bags and inevitable power outlet.

Honda’s engineers are masters of design and building of the rear seats are filled system that handles a single stroke in the back of the rear seat backrest breaks while bending the title of the head so about acquire an absolute flat freight space.

Richest equipment bundle has actually a motorized tailgate that opens and closes with a single click.

Honda CR-V 2014 is presently sold in versions with 2.0 liter petrol and 2.2 diesel. Thinking about the expense of registration, consumers in the nation’s fuel fascinating, especially because you can buy the high quality brand BRC gas devices costing rapidly paid the retention assurance.

That is why we chose to first test the gas variation, for which numerous of us have said that slow-moving. Is it really so?

We inspected for the first switching on the highway. It ended up that the automobile just really decent speeds with respect to ground over tone and strength, and which was increased to five” horses” in the previous generation.

It is extremely flexible at low revs and it is nice for everyday regular driving. If you wish to unexpected acceleration, you’ll need to get him to the 4,000 rpm when it begins pulling highly.

Maximum of 155 hp is attained at a high 6,500 rpm / min and come round in the high area. Now many will say that everything is fine, but also dramatically influences consumption.

It turns out that extended riding with such abrupt acceleration raises the average for all litter, which is not a huge sacrifice compared with gusto.

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